Friday, 29 May 2009

supersize me!

When it comes to jewellery – for me at least – more is more and even more is better! Chunky, clunky, loud and proud jewellery makes any outfit stand out and gives you confidence even if you’re wearing something from the back of the wardrobe. I love loads of gold chains paired with some earthy wooden bangles and huge colourful rings.

A collection of old keys from various vintage fairs/car boots hung from a gold chain makes an interesting necklace.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

i'm in chains

Having bought a cream scarf (?!) from Topshop because it liked it and not necessarily because I knew what it was I have been wearing it over a plain white dress (thank you American Apparel for your ever-wonderful basics) as a kind of harness. I am obsessed with this metal bondage looking chain from Norwegian Wood on Etsy.

Worn by stylish Michelle Yue I think that would manage to toughen up even the prettiest dress.

Litter: These girls know how to do chains!

Gorgeous body decoration in the form of garters, shoe chains, shoulder pieces and harnesses, the list goes on. I would do just about anything to be able to own any of the creations here. See them for yourself at

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


I'm having an obsession with sparkle and shine at the moment and to this end I have invested in a electric blue sequin dress from ebay – pure perfection! Other previous sequin/shiny buys are an unusual top from Beyond Retro and a cropped red top from a charity shop. Sequins in their various forms are done best by Balmain and Anna Molinari, see here...

Balmain's collections have a general theme - sequins are still hot for A/W '09!

Anna Molinari's ethereal top and skirt in AnOther Magazine's shoot by Venetia Scott

I will mostly be wearing opulent sequinned and embroidered gypsy-style skirts with cropped vests and big gold belts until something else catches my eye... Will post pictures of my sequins garments up soon!

Monday, 4 May 2009

juno temple

This girl is to die for (is it natural or permed?) For someone so young she exudes such a confidence in her own style which is something to be admired.

Beautiful feathered Indian headdress (I want one!)

Keeping it simple and classic (with a twist) in a white shirt with corset

Resplendent in embroidered and folky Gucci dress

Smart ruffled shirt is the perfect foil to her wild hair.

Keep an eye out...

Saturday, 2 May 2009


Very long sheer skirt shot with gold thread - I wear with short skirt/shorts underneath to counteract the length, or by tucking it up into itself can create a voluminous mini. Good with cropped tops, a tight t-shirt or bodysuit.