Saturday, 31 October 2009

fashion swop

Wish you were here has just finished and the month long switchover of the fashion capitals that are New York and London proved to be a success. Block parties, guerilla fashion shows, NY-style markets and lots of bagels brought the Lower East Side to Carnaby; favourite pop up shops include Hairy Mary's Vintage (the winner), In God We Trust, Kaight (mad props for being eco and sustainable) and Still Life. London rocked it in the Big Apple with tea parties, Brit bands and eco-fashion and vintage catwalks - show 'em how it's done London!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

this IS it

Just saw 'This Is It'... wow, that show was going to be amazing. Go and see the film for a glimpse of what was going to be, the musical genius (and ultimate strangeness) of MJ and the brilliant outfits he wears. Balmain jacket, Alessandro Dell'Acqua sequined gold harem pants, skinny orange Dior Homme jeans - and these were just rehearsal outfits! Stylist Rushka Bergman, who first styled the star in 2007 for Italian Vogue was one of those responsible, along with NY fashion and costume designer Zaldy and his longtime designers Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins, for the outfits in the film and for what, undeniably, would have been a reintroduction of MJ as a fashion icon.

Couldn't find any pictures of the gold trousers - they were spectacular though!

Monday, 26 October 2009


New store open on Regent Street. Like visiting a treasure trove, delve into their beautiful clothing, jewellery and homewares. Situated on three floors in the heart of London in the Antiquarius building, this American imported shop is the perfect place to spend a Sunday.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Outfit for under a tenner!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

it's a kate moss christmas

She's done it again, Kate Moss has produced yet another great collection for the Christmas season, just make sure you've got your best shopping skills and sharpened elbows at the ready when it hits the shops on 29th October! Featuring sequins, glamourous body-con, rose prints, ruffles and one-shoulder styles this collection is all about a grown up look which still manages to communicate Kate's famous grunge through rocky structuring, sheer pieces and gorgeous faux fur. Here are my picks of what to choose...

Her lingerie collection is also COMPLETELY perfect.

How amazing does she look?!

Monday, 19 October 2009

give it up!

So George Davis has created a 'new and exciting' shopping experience for women which includes clothes that are designed to fit, shop assistants on hand to help you find that perfect something and in-house tailoring service to make any alterations and adjustments that the clothes may need... Excuse me for thinking that this is not a new idea? Surely from the very beginning of the first day that a small store selling women's clothes opened, until very recent times, all of these services were readily available for customers? It is only now that this can be seen as a new and groundbreaking idea, as we are so wholly concerned with buying cheap clothes that have been made equally as cheaply, and most of our high street stores only care about how much we buy and whether or not we sign up for a store card. Shouldn't it should be paramount that the clothes fit already?

I say that we should cast our minds back to the days of the local cobbler, dressmaker, tailor, etc and stop being too lazy to figure it out for ourselves - yes George Davis has done wonders with Next, George at Asda and per una, but do we really need him to charge us for what we could get in any small village for a LOT cheaper? I can see how this venture will possibly appeal to the middle class M&S woman but I think this is another case of someone cashing in on women's negative perceptions about their body shape. And I'm not sure that it will really go the distance.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

car boot bargains

More amazing bargains from the world of car booting!

Faded denim jacket - £2

Oversize men's blue shirt - 20p

Houndstooth skirt - £1

Boots - £1.50

All of which actually I reckon could make up a pretty good - if slightly random - outfit together... Will post pictures if it works out!

Monday, 5 October 2009

glastonbury noooooooooooo

Glastonbury tickets have apparently sold out! This is BAD. Someone tell me there'll be more on sale soon?! Pleeeease...?!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

front row fashion

Obviously during fashion week, all eyes are on the catwalk to see what the designers have been producing for the next season, what the new trends, cuts and fabrics are and all that jazz. However, I am always intrigued to see what those in the front row at the shows are wearing; as we know, catwalk trends are for those with a lot of money/bravery but the editors, bloggers, fashion assistants are those really living the trends and giving us a real idea of what we will be wearing and how.

Here are some that caught my eye...

Miranda Kerr and Rose Byrne at Calvin Klein (and don't they look very Klein-esque indeed?!)

Mary-Kate and Nicole Richie at Proenza Schouler

Jessica Hart and Lara Bingle at Camilla and Marc during Australian Fashion Week

Tavi Williams

Keep a sharp eye out!