Sunday, 10 January 2010


Evoking in me the desire to dress like a regal lady from the 20s, I bring you Nadinoo - a unique and sumptuous label of beautifully printed, embroidered and luxurious clothing handmade by extremely talented UK designer Nadia Izruna. With brocade, floral and even peacock feather-style print making appearances, lovely Liberty inspired dresses, camisole and matching knicker sets and silk trousers are all begging to be drooled over. The gorgeous photography is to die for as well, I love the vintage styling that sits so well with the clothes. Wear them whilst running around an old country house, picnicking in a field or lazing about with your lover.

Visit and be amazed at - also available here on Etsy.

Friday, 8 January 2010

holiday, celebrate!

Permanent Vacation is the website behind which a group of very clever creatives based in Sweden. Releasing two collections a year, you can track their moods during the creation process through Nordic woollens to printed romantic balloon skirts. With designing not the only string to their bow, it may be the beautiful photography that captures your heart, the collaborative projects or the open and free ethos that embodies Permanent Vacation. One thing is for sure, you won't leave the site without feeling inspired (and I defy you to not be trying to figure out some way to get yourself a piece of the magic)

***Sale is on now so get yourself there and embrace one of these pieces into your wardrobe - I've personally got my eye on the Lilly skirt and Elfriede dungaree-style dress...

Thursday, 7 January 2010

spring inspiration

Courtesy of Antonio Marras SS10 show, here is what is inspiring my look to start off the year in style. I only wish that sheer layers and knee high pop socks came with built-in thermal properties... dressing like this is going to do nothing for the horrendous cold that I already have, nor for my ever-freezing body temperatures!

Enjoy the romantic, floaty images from the catwalk below and imagine yourself walking through a meadow in late July, picking flowers to put in your hair and enjoying a glass of wine whilst reading a really good book in the quiet of the country... I like the way the image these pieces conjure up juxtaposes with the stark reality of the situations in which we'll wear them in the snowy, cold city. These soft and sheer dresses, stockings and draperies paired with a big sheepskin coat or leather jacket and some heavy duty clogs would be a damaged-perfection dream come true!

Be brave and layer up soft, sheer pieces under your winter coats, scarves, gloves and hats!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

more marriage

Creeping ever closer, and me still not any more sorted on the most important part of the day (after the actual getting married of course!) the outfits. EVEN the men are organised on this point, shame on me!

So in my desperation I have trawled the world-wide web for images and information on mismatching bridesmaids dresses, where to find unique wedding dresses, vintage dresses, headgear, etc, etc.

One thing I am certain on though - I will DEFINITELY be visiting this shop

These ladies certainly seem to know where it's at (oddly enough, I found out about them through my hairdresser, who had previously had a client whose SISTER bought her wedding dress from FCNO, good news travels fast!) and I am particulary excited about their customisation option, being not brave enough to customise a dress myself for fear of looking like something that has fallen out of the scrapstore!

So I am looking for something 40's style, flowing and elegant with embroidery and absolutely no strapless/stiff/mounds of tulle and diamante dresses... Shouldn't be too hard, should it? Help me FCNO pleeease!

See their wonderful blog here... helping women getting married to realise they can be individual and DON'T have to look like a Barbie toilet roll cover!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


My ideal snow-wear... along with some kind of inner heating system that warms my ever-freezing bones. I love you snow but you aren't half cold!

Monday, 4 January 2010

claire incorruptible

They come from a land down under! From Adelaide with love, Claire Incorruptible stocks one-offs, designer vintage pieces and accessories, and does a pretty damn good job of styling them in an edgy and exciting way - look see here!

*I am in love with their models too...

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Am pretty much in love with this label whiches provides stunning pieces to decorate your head with. With three lines -, black label and heart by - of varying price and occasion, there is truly something for everyone. LOVE the vintage-style feather, floral and bead creations, nothing like a great headband to make you feel ladylike (even if you're wearing your most unbecoming clothes!)
They even do a range of perfect bridal bands - hooray!

Go here to gush over these beauties and here to follow the lovely ladies' blog.