Friday, 29 October 2010


Sisters of the Black Moon are one of my new 'must check Ebay to see if they have new stuff up' obsessions. All of their stuff is ridiculously unique yet amazingly on-trend. Add to this their superbly stunning photoshoot (makes me want to wander round a misty moor in a gothic gypsy get-up!) and you have a winning mix of powerful aesthetics and clothes you can get your hands on. Perfect for Autumn, doesn't it make you want to be a sister too?

New items up in the shop at the moment include an amazing array of coats that are perfect for this season and this dress of refined red ruffles (great for an Autumnal burst of colour!)

Thursday, 28 October 2010


Fashion, art and history combine at Kensington Palace to create a wonderfully stunning fantasy world. Have been wanting to visit since the Enchanted Palace exhibition first opened and seeing as that was pre-travelling, I have been waiting a long time! Finally going next weekend - so excited to discover the princesses' tales and dresses on show... Will let you know what it's like and post some photos.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

sweet as candy

James Franco is undeniably one of the brightest young things in Hollywood at the moment - here he is (almost unrecognisably so) in a slightly different guise... Dressed up in drag for transversal style magazine Candy and shot by Terry Richardson, good on him I say - he looks hot!

This second issue of Candy is now sold out online but can still be found in London in Claire De Rouen Books on Charing Cross Road (WC2H) and Donlon Books on Cambridge Heath Road (E2) - grab it while you can! Find out more at - I am loving this amazing expression of individuality and am sure you will too.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

model watch - abbey lee kershaw

Aussie Abbey Lee is one of the most inspirational models of the moment I think. Appearing in numerous editorials and gracing almost every catwalk you could think of, her easy beauty and complete anti-fashion stance make her an interesting alternative to your everyday model (she refused to walk in Alexander McQueens SS 2010 show because of the infamous Armadillo heels!)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

spinning a yarn

Yarnbombing, or yarnstorming as it may also be known, first came to my attention about a year ago when - on my way to vote in Bristol - I almost walked past a beautifully enhanced lamppost that had been adorned with rainbow striped knitting halfway up its length. An otherwise uneventful walk now had me smiling and I found myself searching the seemingly ordinary for other examples of this day-brightening guerilla knitting. Of course, it has been going for a lot longer than this, with pioneer Magda Sayeg of Texas creating stunning artworks across the world; it has been questioned recently as a form of art but I think you'll agree, especially once you've seen these pictures, that anything that provokes such a worldwide following and resulting emotion cannot be questioned - after all, isn't art supposed to be subjective?!

A yarnstormed tree and an entire bus in Mexico go to show that both natural and man-made can be perfect for a little knitting treatment!

John Smedley got well and truly yarnstormed with knitted pieces helping to celebrate at National Wool Week... an installation that will be on for 2 weeks and one that I fully recommend a looksee!

Some of the little (and very cute) fiends got into the Natural History Museum but were quickly captured and even allowed the public to have a go at recreating their very own dasterdly sea creatures!

You can find many more past and planned stormings at and - both of which are orchestrated and executed with an inspiring amount of passion and fun by the legendary Deadly Knitshade. Get involved and try some knitted graffiti for yourself!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

fashion down under

Given that I have spent the last few weeks travelling from Melbourne to Adelaide and, as my thoughts turn towards how close we are to going home, how much of that has been spent dreamily planning which outfits I will wear on my return to the UK, I thought it would be a good idea to think through some of the Aussie designers that have made their mark on the inetrnational scene for the 'Land Down Under', as well as some up and coming and exciting new creatives.

Originally a stylist, Alice McCall's calling to be a world-renowed designer began in London, later taking her back to Oz and Sydney where the label is now based. Collaborations with sass and bide and Topshop have not done anything to slow the popularity for her stunningly feminine designs and her SS 2010/11 show was everything from a flurry of beautiful nude ruffles to a hardworking navy romper.

Established brother and sister team camilla and marc are well known throughout the fashion world and with good reason. Since 2003 the duo have been turning fashion audiences heads with their signature looks; this season was no different with body-con, an earthy traveller vibe and some relatively rare splashes of colour continuing their failsafe combination of femininity and strength.

Turning down an internship with John Galliano you would think makes for almost certain fashion suicide, especially for graduates fresh out of fashion school. But the duo behind the label that was to become Romance Was Born knew their minds and stuck to their vision - and look where it has gotten them! Years later and a fantastical creative force was a reality, treating those who witness their shows to a different theme each season. SS 2010/11 again brought wearable pieces intermingled with stunning one-off creations contained within a world of the prehistoric.

Taking the limelight at the most recent Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, Dion Lee was hotly anticipated and didn't disappoint. Taking inspirational from natural elements as well as man-made, the designer has cemented his place as one of Australia's newest fashion stars after his debut last year and his equally well-received collection for this season which saw a perfect marriage of conceptual exploration and functionality.

So there we go, some Aussie designers - old and new - to be going on with. Let me know if you've discovered any amazing new talent from the land that brought us Vegemite, Christmas on the beach and Crocodile Dundee ("Call that a knife?!") - at this point I would like to apologise to all the Aussies out there for this gross generalisation - I 'd love to know and hear your finds!

Here's a little Aussie totty I'll leave you with... luckily Australian fashion doesn't stop with Mick eh?!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


... a dreamy interlude of images (and one rather raunchy one!) that have been inspiring me whilst waiting to write my Oz post. So close to the end of our trip and excited to get back to all my clothes and an Autumny England - bliss!