Thursday, 30 July 2009

all wrapped up

One reason I am happy about the fast approach of Autumn is knitwear. Specifically I want to look like this all season long. Preferably whilst drinking red wine in a warm bar...

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

moving on up!

Advance apologies for the imminent quiet on my little blog; me and my boyfriend are in the process of moving into our new flat so I have been cursed with moving a lot of stuff in and out of houses (most of it, annoyingly MY clothes) and, worse, no internet for an unknown amount of time! When things improve I will be back... Watch this space.

Monday, 27 July 2009


Have just discovered this girl and her amazing illustrations; she obviously loves fashion and art and it shows. Her 'heroes' portraits of admired designers are beautifully drawn and completely on point, she is always exploring new forms of art AND she is a stunning creature to boot (see below)

Visit her blog here

Friday, 24 July 2009

softly softly

So velvet, that most troublesome of fabrics, is back and bound to divide people in their views on it appearing as an important A/W 09 trend. Seen by some to be the curse of the Nineties and a fabric that should only be seen in curtains, cushions and Laura Ashley skirts; velvet was seen all over the catwalks exuding a very up to date and sultry image. Combined with other major trends for Autumn such as structural shoulders, cut-outs and draping, velvet has been making an impact in the fashion world and somehow doesn’t seem so fusty.

Prada combines red velvet with an armoured skirt

Velvet was also a running theme at Proenza Schouler, manifested in skinny trousers and detailing

Fendi showed velvet skirts and dresses with hard accessories

Christopher Kane - velvet and sheer panelling

Combine with shredded tights, backcombed to the hilt hair and either unholy high heels or shiny man-brogues and wear with attitude.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

free art!

‘Banksy vs Bristol’ is exhibiting in town so we trotted off dutifully at the weekend to see yet more of our city’s’ protégé at work in a very different setting. Banksy has been an institution and a reason to be proud of coming from Bristol (as long as you are either aged between 12 and 35 or are 35+ but still ‘down with the kids’) for as long as graffiti has been considered an acceptable art-form and something that is actively protected by communities and councils across the globe. For someone who closely guards their identity, Banksy has a huge status and following; his work is revered and studied, with a long and talented line of imitators and cities squabble over whether or not that certain piece of graffiti is in fact ‘a real Banksy’ or just a very good replica. I have even seen the fact that one of his huge pieces features imposingly on the side of a building to be used in the sales pitch for rental of said building! We are talking about a large monopoly of the graffiti scene in the UK.

The exhibition was done very well, with Banksy making his mark on various pieces throughout the museum and not just his own installations, which is a great way to lure those who may not have set foot inside the museum if it were not for his work showing there; after all, this is clearly someone who is passionate about art. The classic Banksy images are all on display along with some of his well known installations; 2007’s Glastonbury ‘Stonehenge’ inspired scene comprising of portaloos sees you out of the museum and his playful riot police are frolicking at the entrance. The part I most enjoyed was his animatronic-fuelled comment on life; caged birdlike CCTV cameras, battery hens fostering McDonalds chicken nuggets as their offspring, a rather damaged, forlorn TweetyPie and a huge goldfish bowl containing a fish finger that Capt’n Birdseye himself would’ve been proud of gaily swimming around. A great way to spend your afternoon if you like art, are interested in street culture, would like to learn more about it, have children who are determined that they hate museums and for those who truly can’t see the difference in a £1.99 burger from the golden arches and where it actually comes from.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

thigh high

My most coveted item at the moment is a pair of tight fitting over-the-knee boots (I can’t decide yet whether or not to attempt heels or to play it safe and stick with my usual flat)

Both of these are exactly what I want for the flat and heeled varieties

Chloe (top) and Halston thigh high boots

Both are a little out of my price range but it would be an investment would it not? For all that material, per square inch it seems a bargain. Failing that, I am attempting to recreate the look with my pre-existing wardrobe, combining my flat black pumps with thigh high socks and hoping that no-one will notice my frugal replacement.

Stella cracks it with perforated leather (false obviously) boots which manage to look like intricately patterned tights.

Monday, 13 July 2009

shoulder barge

Just seen these… on ebay. Missed the auction = absolutely gutted. I was imagining them sown onto a plain grey t-shirt. They are pretty damn unnecessary (when are black studded embroidered epaulettes ever actually NEEDED?!) but would make an ordinary t-shirt suddenly stylish.

Let me know if you spot any... need to satisfy my craving for sparkling shoulders!

lucian matis a/w '09

Dark and brooding; I am all for the romantic dishevelled look as autumn approaches. This brings to mind dreamy walks on the moors on a crisp night and a Midsummer Night’s Dreams’ Titania seductively reclining in her forest palace. The antler crowns and animalistic jewellery and accessories offsets the clothes beautifully. Matis is a young Toronto fashion designer who made waves on Project Runway in the Canadian version of the reality show and is destined for much much more if this collection is anything to go by.

In keeping with the forest theme, models wore gloves and cuffs which looked quite beetle-like.

Dresses featured lots of sheer pannelling and moody earth coloured prints; soft draping was combined with hard accessories, all of which made for a darkly ethereal mood.

Models hair was worn tousled, as if they had been romping in the woods. The antlers were a brilliant touch, giving the collection a raw edge (and were maybe a homage to the designers' homeland?!)

Thursday, 9 July 2009

model watch - tallulah morton

Australian fashion model Tallulah was discovered when she was only 11! And no wonder why... She has since modelled for Vivienne Westwood, Dior, JPG and Viktor&Rolf. Talented (and beautiful) girl.

On and Off duty gorgeous

Sunday, 5 July 2009


Spent a lot of yesterday until the early hours of this morning at St Paul's Carnival; Bristol's annunal culture-fest. The carnival procession is a sight to behold with everything from milk floats loaded up with huge speakers to beautifully costumed dance troupes.

These bikes were costumed by a group of environmentally minded cyclists who rescue bikes that have been thrown away for scrap, vamp them up or remake them (with a little help from yours truly!) Have a look here...

Now how to get my car to look similar...?!

Friday, 3 July 2009


Just arrived back from the whirlwind that is Glastonbury. Having recovered through a well needed combination of food and sleep I am ready and able to share my best and most beautiful bits of the festival. Gatherings such as these always provide a wonderful spectacle of self expression through outfits/face adornment/hairstyles and 2009 was no different. Noted on the stylish were; head ornaments - think crowns of flowers (see previous post on whichgoose) and Bat for Lashes style pieces incorporating false animal skulls, still more flowery shorts and skirts, bleached denim, playsuits – it seems summer is destined to play host to floral for a while longer.

Stars flying the flag for style were Lily Allen in her stage outfit of purple 70s catsuit, slashed to the navel and very sexy, which she paired with a bright pink wig (an amazingly novel way of combating the rain which I will definitely be adopting next year. So much more chic than a mac or hat!)

Florence (of And The Machines) in black bodysuit with embellished sleeves designed exclusively for her by Topshop - lucky girl.

VV Brown in a structured dress with some serious shoulders; reminds me of something Judy Jetson might wear if she was a foxy, on-trend songstress in 2009!

Ah Natasha Khan, how beautiful you are! Lady Bat worn a sequinned bodysuit with feathered shoulders to wow the crowds at the Other Stage.

Best of the Blokes - Pete Doherty (I always love what he wears) in a military style jacket teamed with fedora hat.

I did plan to take some street style-style photos of those people I saw who were pleasing to the eye but I'm afraid that plan didn't work out - oh well, they probably wouldn't have come out too well anyway!