Monday, 26 April 2010

new headpiece

Courtesy of the wonderful whichgoose on

Thursday, 22 April 2010

nailed it

I have found my perfect nude nail colour... As someone who is not a huge fan of painted nails (I see no point really when my nails are so short and ungrowable) I have never been one to go crazy for colour, but a nude nail - now that makes sense to me! Unfortunately the colour I have found (Basil Street by Nails Inc) has been sat on my desk for rather a long time as I bought it and then quickly forgot all about it, never to wear it as I am sometimes wont to do with impulse purchases. Painting my nails for something to do the other day I realised that it is the most perfect colour and that I love it. The problem comes now that I have worn it so much that it is fast disappearing and a quick search on the internet reveals to me that it has been discontinued!! Oh but what to do? If anyone has any solution to this problem I will love them forever - my future nails prettiness hangs in the balance!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

festival fashion

H&M are doing a Festival Fashion Against AIDS collection, I for one will snapping up some of those statement trousers - all the rage now and definitely a lot cheaper than the coveted silk leopard-print Chloe ones! Pair with a sheer cropped blouse and you'll be festival-ready for sure.

Collection drops 20th May instore, on your marks...

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

summer of the seventies!

I am buying into the 70s as my inspiration for summer - it's made for it! We look as if we're going to have a warm one (all fingers and toes crossed!) and the time for festivals is creeping ever closer... I can't stop myself from getting excited about Glastonbury. And what with all of the maxi dresses, denim and platforms around at the moment I say we should embrace a style that is more flowing, free and damn good fun. Whether it's turbans worn with fluid, sheer blouses and denim hotpants or floral maxi dresses with bare feet, the 70s is definitely set to be a big look.

Inspirational beauty...

Monday, 12 April 2010

clip-clopping into summer

Clogs to wear with ankle socks, clogs on their own, clogs for leather shorts with vests, clogs for dresses alone...

Now that my winter boots have broken, to be fixed, only to break again I think I will turn this loss into a positive and use the boot money to buy myself a pair of lovely (if slightly ugly... I love ugly footwear!) clogs. Zara's are the best that I've tried so far - now should I go for the fringed ones or the clumpy strapped pair? Decisions decisions!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

carried away!

All I need now is a backpack to carry all my stuff around in... one of these would do nicely thank you!

(right-left: Chanel, unknown - but gorgeous - vintage, Alexander Wang Diego)

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

it's getting hot in here...

Went to my first session of Bikram yoga last night... WOW is it hard work or what?! Seriously, if you think it's all meditation and calm soothing poses think again! I felt hot, sweaty, sick and dizzy all in the space of 90minutes and very hot room.

Fingers crossed the next one will be better and I will then be the proud owner of a body that can happily wear this...

(my newest purchase - love it!) To be honest I have worn it already regardless - eek watch out Bristol until I am fully in shape! Until then I am wearing it strictly with long maxi skirts - not brave enough for shorts yet... plus I'd freeeeeeeze!

Monday, 5 April 2010

tattoo inspiration...

Been contemplating another tattoo for a while now... I think I know what I want and where I want it but just need to get together the money and the courage to do it. I would do it tomorrow (if I was brave enough to spend some hard-earned travelling funds on it) but for the placing... I''ve been told that one of the most painful places to get ink forced into your skin through a needle is the ribs and unfortunately that is the only place that I want my next one. Ouch.

This is what I want (have always loved Klimt)

- something along those lines anyway - and this is the kind of place I want it. Let me know what you think...

(Side note - how hot is Erin Wasson too?!)

Saturday, 3 April 2010

did someone say SALE...?!

OK, for my own good I should not be telling anyone about this as the less people who know the more chance I have in bagging something amazing next Friday but what the hell!

Get your pretty little selves down to The Outnet and register for their special birthday party invite before this Friday and you will be part of one of the most exciting sales to hit the internet, allowing us mere mortals to get our hands on some top designer wares for £1 YES £1!!! Sale will start at somepoint on Friday the 16th but only those registered will find out the time and be in with a huge chance at owning something spectacular at a ridiculous price.

Go here... xxx