Monday, 20 December 2010

dip dye hair

Thank you to the wonderful stylists at BleachLondon (they are to be found at WAH Nails in Dalston and now in Topshop Oxford Circus) for my candy pink dip dye hair - I love it!!! I also think it looks quite a lot like that Neapolitan ice cream you get...


Sunday, 28 November 2010

Oracle Fox

Utterly inspirational lady with a super cool blog, uniquely stunning style and she can skate board too. Somewhere I have been visiting quite a lot recently, Oracle Fox provides constantly beautiful inspiration posts and if you look back through her personal posts you will get an idea of how inspirational her own style is too. This Australian girl's style is second to none and if that wasn't enough she is also a contemporary artist (the Oracle Fox header is her own artwork and you can find the link to her artists website on the blog) This girl is seriously talented!

Gorgeous! Visit Oracle Fox here.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

lanvin for h&m

Sooooo... what did everyone manage to bag? Online was a nightmare, couldn't even get on. Did pick myself up a leopard printed bow tie from the men's collection though! Will post some pictures when I have worked it into an outfit...

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


My younger sister's short film, which incidentally has now been picked up by the British Council and will be promoted at International Film festivals, is available to catch now. This is a good time for the many amazing short films that are produced as people are more open to the idea that a film doesn't have to be a feature length blockbuster to engage them - sometimes the most beautiful and well-developed stories, and characters, can be found in a short...

My beautiful sis...

Check out the IMDb here.

Sunday, 21 November 2010


Spent the past weekend in Wales - beautiful space to stay in, lovely walks in the countryside, toasted teacakes in tiny tea rooms and gorgeous girlfriends to share it with... How amazing it is to take time out to indulge in your friendships.

Friday, 19 November 2010

model watch - valentine fillol cordier

A French-born beauty, I decided to post some more pictures after watching the Vanessa Bruno short film (in which Valentine cavorts with equally beautiful and also French Lou Doillon) Gorgeous Valentine, ex-beau of Mr Kate Moss and has bagged numerous high profile campaigns including the very raunchy APC! Regularly stars in Jalouse, i-D, Lula and Vogue to name but a few; sings backing vocals for The Big Pink, oh and she's a stylist too - of course she is!

Thursday, 18 November 2010


Vanessa Bruno's new short film for the A/W 2010/11 collection is visual perfection. Lou Doillon and Valentine Fillol Cordier join forces in a beautifully haunting film... just watch.


Here are some stills as well for you to perve over...

Clothes, girls, songs (including amazing romantic folk Efterklang) - all completely beautiful and inspirational.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

all knit up

I am starting on my quest to knit a complete (and wearable!) turban as I have wanted one for a while and, not having the money to spend on something that I thought I could do myself, I am now having to satisfy my random longings and attempt it... Will post up results if I manage to succeed!

Oh and here is the free pattern that I am knitting it from if anyone else fancies having a go...

a/w inspiration

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

royal wedding bells

So, a royal wedding is to be bestowed upon the UK next year sometime... Something that the country (or at least those who have a passing interest in the Royals beyond their role as a tourist attraction) has surely been waiting for ever since William and Kate got together? But what does this mean for us as a country?

The UK, and Britain, it has to be said are very much seen by the rest of the world as a kind of kitsch nation - one that still has a Queen, a bunch of (sometimes feuding) royals and a people that tend to get a bit delirious when one of said royals gets married. National pride is one thing but I wonder if the hysteria of past years will manifest at Wills and Kate's big day. We are in a recession so they will no doubt try to 'tone it down' a bit but maybe we need something like this to pull everyone together and have a day of celebrations... I for one hope that the day will be declared a national holiday, with old time street parties held across England and that Kate will wear a beautifully classic dress made by one of Britain's greatest designers.

The dress is obviously bound to spark a huge debate - I would love to see her in Vivienne Westwood personally, but perhaps she could do something a bit different and go for a vintage
dress, maybe Ossie Clark?

Zandra Rhodes?

In the end though I suspect she'll go for something simple, classic and a bit ordinary like Amanda Wakeley...

(minus the desert and camels obviously!)

Whatever the dress, I am imagining a day of national happiness - hopefully due to a day off for all, raucous-in-an-English-way street parties with plenty of British regalia and bunting lining the streets, Victoria sponges and tiny triangular sandwiches served with Pimms, and huge televised screens so that we can ooo/aaah or bitch at what she's wearing... Congratulations Will and Kate!