Saturday, 3 July 2010

off on travels...

So it's gonna be pretty difficult to keep up on regular posting while I'm away for 3 months on my travelling honeymoon but as I will be in India, Vietnam and other exotic places I am sure I will see some inspiring stuff, and as and when I can, I will post some lovely things up for you... Colourful and vibrant saris are the first stop so I will keep you updated (and of course if anyone has any tips on where to go, or where to buy great clothes or jewellery, I am always in the market so be sure to comment with your experiences!)

Much love

Thursday, 1 July 2010


So, as an unofficial honeymoon (we are going travelling for 3 months very soon) we went to Glastonbury - with a group of about 30 of our friends so not exactly the most romantic of places but we had an amazing time!

Glastonbury is a great - and surprisingly cheap - place to pick up vintage; lots of sellers with beautiful clothes in a creative environment is sure to yield some great picks. I picked up a straw boater (£3) and a stunningly gradiated, pastel coloured summer dress (£5) which I cut a few inches off as it was originally was calf-length - I KNOW it's the new thing and I will probably regret cutting it short very soon but it really is the most unflattering length on me; well, we can't all wear everything regardless of whether it suits us or not just because it's THE thing to do now can we?!