Monday, 19 October 2009

give it up!

So George Davis has created a 'new and exciting' shopping experience for women which includes clothes that are designed to fit, shop assistants on hand to help you find that perfect something and in-house tailoring service to make any alterations and adjustments that the clothes may need... Excuse me for thinking that this is not a new idea? Surely from the very beginning of the first day that a small store selling women's clothes opened, until very recent times, all of these services were readily available for customers? It is only now that this can be seen as a new and groundbreaking idea, as we are so wholly concerned with buying cheap clothes that have been made equally as cheaply, and most of our high street stores only care about how much we buy and whether or not we sign up for a store card. Shouldn't it should be paramount that the clothes fit already?

I say that we should cast our minds back to the days of the local cobbler, dressmaker, tailor, etc and stop being too lazy to figure it out for ourselves - yes George Davis has done wonders with Next, George at Asda and per una, but do we really need him to charge us for what we could get in any small village for a LOT cheaper? I can see how this venture will possibly appeal to the middle class M&S woman but I think this is another case of someone cashing in on women's negative perceptions about their body shape. And I'm not sure that it will really go the distance.


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