Thursday, 3 December 2009

my first fashion shoot

Throughly excited, I set off to help out on my very first fashion shoot to shoot some covers and a fashion story for the magazine I am interning for. What a lot of hard work goes into something as huge as this! One jet plane, about 40 pairs of shoes, 15 shirts, dresses, Ralph Lauren trouser suits, a Porsche, one Burberry mac, stunning pieces of jewellery (including a gorgeous Lara Bohinc necklace that I wanted so badly), sunglasses, some amazing Vivienne Westwood, a very skilled photographer and countless others made up this special - and looong - shoot. Below are just some of the behind-the-scenes photos I managed to snap between wardrobe and styling duties...

The VW coat that had everyone drooling!

Maximum credit due to our brave models who braved the sub-zero temperatures whilst still managing to look outstanding, as well as photographer-cum-handyman Andre who saved the day with a manly display of jumplead-fashioning when the Porsche battery died!


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