Saturday, 15 May 2010

summer shorties

Saw the shorts that I need for summer today, there was a fashion pop-up style shop appearing in Hamilton House in Stokes Croft featuring loads of lovely clothes from local designers... At the back I discovered these flowing cotton printed shorts (which I'm pretty sure were called 'Azalia' by Motel...) in a mixed pastel shade that were just perfect for lazing about in the sun. One slight problem - I didn't buy them!!! I am trying to save money and in a bid to be good, I passed them by perhaps assuming I would relent later in the day and go back to claim them as my very own. That didn't happen. And now I'm truly sad about losing them. After a quick search online I can only find them in a parrot print or darker shades, none of which will match up to those originals... That will teach me to trust my instinct and spend at will for fear of losing out again.


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