Tuesday, 22 June 2010

wedding belles

Apologies for my lack of entries of late, I have been away for quite a while due to the fact that I was getting married! Short summary - perfect day, perfect man (of course) and my most perfect dress. Any of you out there in the same boat as I was a while ago and searching for THE dress need to pop along to the lovely ladies at the Vintage Wedding Dress Company in London. A vast array of gorgeous frocks - vintage and newly vintage inspired - await you in their stunning studio, while their calming influence will melt away any dress stresses you've been having immediately. From 1940s peachy lace to Edwardian high collars, their vintage collection is all-encompassing and if you can't find anything there then their Decades range of made to measure gowns is sure to fit the bill. Anyway, here is mine - a 1970s stunner of a dress with added silk sash and lace butterfly sleeves...

Visit their website here for some wedding joy of your very own.


Dani Kay said...

congrats!!! you're gorgeous and i love your blog/style!!

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