Friday, 3 April 2009

queens of vintage

A global community for lovers of all things vintage including articles on vintage fashion, beauty, home, make-and-mend DIY projects and anything else that you could possibly think to need. Check out their beautiful procession of Vintage Queens, search their vintage files by location or fashion era or pick up some great vintage style advice and gossip - all of which is updated daily! Editor Lena has a good thing going, and with the help of fashion gurus such as Pamela Daniels (creative director of the wonderful Ethical Fashion Forum) and Ed Gillespie (who amongst other credentials launched the hugely popular 'Swishing' phenomenon - check here for what it's all about and to find your nearest Swish) I can see QOV becoming a big success.

Pay the vintage royalty a visit if you love your vintage or just want to find out more.


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