Tuesday, 29 September 2009

ethical threads

As important as fashion and style are to many people around the world, it should also be important that the clothing we wear is made from sustainable materials, and that human rights, labour safety and the environment are also considered when choosing that perfect top or gorgeous little black dress. Contrary to popular opinion, you CAN be stylish and ethically concious! Just check out these brands, all of whom are making it their mission to re-educate us on the importance of being socially responsible. Here are my favourites from each of these lovely people...

Skinny Nelson and friends - Australian design duo Jacqui Alexander and Zachary Midalia.

100% organically certified cotton 100% beauty. Draped, Japanese inspired pieces all in soft organic cotton. Menswear line is brilliant too!

Ciel - Sarah Ratty

Organic cotton t-shirts, Alpaca knits, recycled fabrics and fair labour make this brand special.

Komodo - Joe Komodo

Tailoring, fine knitwear and gorgeously rich colourings; working with families in Bali and Kathmandu for over 20 years, sustainablility, style and fair business is their philosophy.

People Tree - Designers in the UK and Japan as well as 50 fair trade groups in 15 countries ensures the brand gets it ethically right every time. Additional features will be added to clothing (such as embellishment on a simple top or dress) in order to create more work for people in developing countries, increasing support for those people. Designs include dresses made from recycled saris, beautiful embroidery, stylish features such as pleating, prints, structure and draping.

Noir - Label from Denmark which has also spawned two more diffusion lines (Black Noir and Illuminati II)

Rock and roll look with a conscience. Also an ethical collection created to give back to Africa in order to support cotton workers. Minimalist, sharp tailoring and specially treated cottons, creating a number of different looks including rubber and silk.


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