Thursday, 7 January 2010

spring inspiration

Courtesy of Antonio Marras SS10 show, here is what is inspiring my look to start off the year in style. I only wish that sheer layers and knee high pop socks came with built-in thermal properties... dressing like this is going to do nothing for the horrendous cold that I already have, nor for my ever-freezing body temperatures!

Enjoy the romantic, floaty images from the catwalk below and imagine yourself walking through a meadow in late July, picking flowers to put in your hair and enjoying a glass of wine whilst reading a really good book in the quiet of the country... I like the way the image these pieces conjure up juxtaposes with the stark reality of the situations in which we'll wear them in the snowy, cold city. These soft and sheer dresses, stockings and draperies paired with a big sheepskin coat or leather jacket and some heavy duty clogs would be a damaged-perfection dream come true!

Be brave and layer up soft, sheer pieces under your winter coats, scarves, gloves and hats!


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