Wednesday, 6 January 2010

more marriage

Creeping ever closer, and me still not any more sorted on the most important part of the day (after the actual getting married of course!) the outfits. EVEN the men are organised on this point, shame on me!

So in my desperation I have trawled the world-wide web for images and information on mismatching bridesmaids dresses, where to find unique wedding dresses, vintage dresses, headgear, etc, etc.

One thing I am certain on though - I will DEFINITELY be visiting this shop

These ladies certainly seem to know where it's at (oddly enough, I found out about them through my hairdresser, who had previously had a client whose SISTER bought her wedding dress from FCNO, good news travels fast!) and I am particulary excited about their customisation option, being not brave enough to customise a dress myself for fear of looking like something that has fallen out of the scrapstore!

So I am looking for something 40's style, flowing and elegant with embroidery and absolutely no strapless/stiff/mounds of tulle and diamante dresses... Shouldn't be too hard, should it? Help me FCNO pleeease!

See their wonderful blog here... helping women getting married to realise they can be individual and DON'T have to look like a Barbie toilet roll cover!


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