Wednesday, 14 April 2010

summer of the seventies!

I am buying into the 70s as my inspiration for summer - it's made for it! We look as if we're going to have a warm one (all fingers and toes crossed!) and the time for festivals is creeping ever closer... I can't stop myself from getting excited about Glastonbury. And what with all of the maxi dresses, denim and platforms around at the moment I say we should embrace a style that is more flowing, free and damn good fun. Whether it's turbans worn with fluid, sheer blouses and denim hotpants or floral maxi dresses with bare feet, the 70s is definitely set to be a big look.

Inspirational beauty...


Nicole said...

Just been on your blog for the first time. Good work. Looove these pictures! Will be following from now on!

Nic x

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