Thursday, 22 April 2010

nailed it

I have found my perfect nude nail colour... As someone who is not a huge fan of painted nails (I see no point really when my nails are so short and ungrowable) I have never been one to go crazy for colour, but a nude nail - now that makes sense to me! Unfortunately the colour I have found (Basil Street by Nails Inc) has been sat on my desk for rather a long time as I bought it and then quickly forgot all about it, never to wear it as I am sometimes wont to do with impulse purchases. Painting my nails for something to do the other day I realised that it is the most perfect colour and that I love it. The problem comes now that I have worn it so much that it is fast disappearing and a quick search on the internet reveals to me that it has been discontinued!! Oh but what to do? If anyone has any solution to this problem I will love them forever - my future nails prettiness hangs in the balance!


Kasia said...

beautiful color! I'm looking for sth like that!

maureen- said...

a lovely colour ! xx

Style of a Fashionista said...

Great colour. Love the trousers in the last post I cant wait for this collection to hit the stores counting down the days xoxo

Between Venus and Saturn said...

Waaw, I love it! I'm not really into outstanding colors as well. Prefer nude, black, grey, silver and earthtones. This one is just perfect!

+ followin you babe

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