Friday, 29 October 2010


Sisters of the Black Moon are one of my new 'must check Ebay to see if they have new stuff up' obsessions. All of their stuff is ridiculously unique yet amazingly on-trend. Add to this their superbly stunning photoshoot (makes me want to wander round a misty moor in a gothic gypsy get-up!) and you have a winning mix of powerful aesthetics and clothes you can get your hands on. Perfect for Autumn, doesn't it make you want to be a sister too?

New items up in the shop at the moment include an amazing array of coats that are perfect for this season and this dress of refined red ruffles (great for an Autumnal burst of colour!)


Oracle Fox said...

Sisters of the Black Moon, Me Love!! I can't even count now how many pieces I've bought from those talented ladies and their blog is wicked too! xx

Angel said...

I know!!! I so want to be them with their fantastical woodland beauty... xxx

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