Wednesday, 13 October 2010

spinning a yarn

Yarnbombing, or yarnstorming as it may also be known, first came to my attention about a year ago when - on my way to vote in Bristol - I almost walked past a beautifully enhanced lamppost that had been adorned with rainbow striped knitting halfway up its length. An otherwise uneventful walk now had me smiling and I found myself searching the seemingly ordinary for other examples of this day-brightening guerilla knitting. Of course, it has been going for a lot longer than this, with pioneer Magda Sayeg of Texas creating stunning artworks across the world; it has been questioned recently as a form of art but I think you'll agree, especially once you've seen these pictures, that anything that provokes such a worldwide following and resulting emotion cannot be questioned - after all, isn't art supposed to be subjective?!

A yarnstormed tree and an entire bus in Mexico go to show that both natural and man-made can be perfect for a little knitting treatment!

John Smedley got well and truly yarnstormed with knitted pieces helping to celebrate at National Wool Week... an installation that will be on for 2 weeks and one that I fully recommend a looksee!

Some of the little (and very cute) fiends got into the Natural History Museum but were quickly captured and even allowed the public to have a go at recreating their very own dasterdly sea creatures!

You can find many more past and planned stormings at and - both of which are orchestrated and executed with an inspiring amount of passion and fun by the legendary Deadly Knitshade. Get involved and try some knitted graffiti for yourself!


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