Wednesday, 22 July 2009

thigh high

My most coveted item at the moment is a pair of tight fitting over-the-knee boots (I can’t decide yet whether or not to attempt heels or to play it safe and stick with my usual flat)

Both of these are exactly what I want for the flat and heeled varieties

Chloe (top) and Halston thigh high boots

Both are a little out of my price range but it would be an investment would it not? For all that material, per square inch it seems a bargain. Failing that, I am attempting to recreate the look with my pre-existing wardrobe, combining my flat black pumps with thigh high socks and hoping that no-one will notice my frugal replacement.

Stella cracks it with perforated leather (false obviously) boots which manage to look like intricately patterned tights.


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