Monday, 13 July 2009

lucian matis a/w '09

Dark and brooding; I am all for the romantic dishevelled look as autumn approaches. This brings to mind dreamy walks on the moors on a crisp night and a Midsummer Night’s Dreams’ Titania seductively reclining in her forest palace. The antler crowns and animalistic jewellery and accessories offsets the clothes beautifully. Matis is a young Toronto fashion designer who made waves on Project Runway in the Canadian version of the reality show and is destined for much much more if this collection is anything to go by.

In keeping with the forest theme, models wore gloves and cuffs which looked quite beetle-like.

Dresses featured lots of sheer pannelling and moody earth coloured prints; soft draping was combined with hard accessories, all of which made for a darkly ethereal mood.

Models hair was worn tousled, as if they had been romping in the woods. The antlers were a brilliant touch, giving the collection a raw edge (and were maybe a homage to the designers' homeland?!)


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