Friday, 3 July 2009


Just arrived back from the whirlwind that is Glastonbury. Having recovered through a well needed combination of food and sleep I am ready and able to share my best and most beautiful bits of the festival. Gatherings such as these always provide a wonderful spectacle of self expression through outfits/face adornment/hairstyles and 2009 was no different. Noted on the stylish were; head ornaments - think crowns of flowers (see previous post on whichgoose) and Bat for Lashes style pieces incorporating false animal skulls, still more flowery shorts and skirts, bleached denim, playsuits – it seems summer is destined to play host to floral for a while longer.

Stars flying the flag for style were Lily Allen in her stage outfit of purple 70s catsuit, slashed to the navel and very sexy, which she paired with a bright pink wig (an amazingly novel way of combating the rain which I will definitely be adopting next year. So much more chic than a mac or hat!)

Florence (of And The Machines) in black bodysuit with embellished sleeves designed exclusively for her by Topshop - lucky girl.

VV Brown in a structured dress with some serious shoulders; reminds me of something Judy Jetson might wear if she was a foxy, on-trend songstress in 2009!

Ah Natasha Khan, how beautiful you are! Lady Bat worn a sequinned bodysuit with feathered shoulders to wow the crowds at the Other Stage.

Best of the Blokes - Pete Doherty (I always love what he wears) in a military style jacket teamed with fedora hat.

I did plan to take some street style-style photos of those people I saw who were pleasing to the eye but I'm afraid that plan didn't work out - oh well, they probably wouldn't have come out too well anyway!


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