Wednesday, 1 July 2009

rip michael jackson

I was at Glastonbury when I heard (I think that this was definitely one of those 'where were you when...' moments) and to be honest I didn't believe it. We have lost a legend of our generation. The man may be gone but the music and influence will live on; style-wise he was an icon too so let's take a look over his wardrobe...

Tight metallics in contrasting colours for his tour outfits

Sequinned jackets were a big feature in Michael's wardrobe, co-ordinated perfectly with whatever else he was wearing.

The single white glove which became a trademark. There has been specualtion that this was originally worn to conceal his increasingly obvious vitiligo.

Tight leather trousers, metallic jackets and huge studded belts made a stylish impact on stage.

More sequins!

Classic MJ style, open denim shirt worn with his iconic short trouser-white socks-black loafers look.

Jackson shows his own (and very 80s) take on a sharp suit.

Buckles, straps, more buckles and strapped up arm-wear - Michael Jackson at his very finest!


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